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Circuit for Outlook allows you to link your Outlook meeting to a new or existing Circuit conversation, by adding Circuit conference details to the Outlook meeting request. To schedule a meeting,... More >
Meeting invitation text is by default generated in the language of your (inviter's) Outlook. To change this to one of the languages supported by Circuit, i.e. English, German, Spanish, French,... More >
To uninstall Circuit for Outlook, use the standard procedure for uninstalling programs from your Windows computer. Navigate to Control Panel > Programs and Features. Locate the Circuit for Outlook... More >
Circuit for Outlook allows you to move an existing email thread from your Outlook to a new or existing Circuit conversation. To move your email thread, do the flowing: Open your Outlook, and then... More >
The Contact Card functionality allows to directly place a call via Circuit. If calls initiated from Contact Card cannot be established, then it may be that the Circuit for Outlook Connector process... More >
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