Circuit Telephony Connectors

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The Advanced Telephony Connector allows making outgoing phone calls and receiving incoming phone calls via the Circuit application using your work phone number. When you have set your incoming... More >
As an administrator, you can integrate Circuit with your existing voice platform and allow users in your domain to make and receive phones calls. Prerequisites: An OpenScape Session Border... More >
Prerequisites: The Advanced Telephony Connector or the OpenScape Business Connector is setup and enabled to allow Circuit users to make and receive phone calls through the Circuit application. You... More >
You can assign a default Caller ID to enable outgoing Circuit phone calls for all users in your domain, for whom a unique Caller ID has not been assigned. Since people might call back users at this... More >
As a member of more than one hunt groups, you can make yourself unavailable for calls to a specific hunt group and stay available for calls to all the other hunt groups. Prerequisites: OpenScape... More >
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