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As a partner administrator, you can manage the administration settings of all the Circuit domains owned by your company's customers. This requires that your customer domain administrators have... More >
The Compliance Officer has the right to export data either of the whole domain or of an individual user of the domain. Prerequisites: A service request must have been raised, by the owner of the... More >
As a domain administrator, you can regenerate the client secret of a Custom App at any moment. This should be done if you believe that the key is no longer secret. Prerequisites: You are the... More >
In Circuit, you can take control of another participant’s screen during calls. Domain administrators can disable remote control for users in the domain if this is required by company policy. After... More >
In case your company is a Circuit partner or reseller, you can assign partner administrator rights to a user in your domain so that they can manage the domains of your company's customers on their... More >
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