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No. The Communities are designed for a broadcast style of communication where you usually ask whole community to discuss different topics and give ideas. To have the real-time audio and video... More >
An Event is a Circuit conference that supports up to 1000 participants. number of possible participants depends on your assigned Circuit subscription. The participants can be moderators or guests.... More >
You can organize your conversations using labels so that you can group and find them easily. Labels work like folders, but you can add more than one label to a conversation. You can create up to... More >
You can set up your own labels to organize your conversations. You can create up to 250 labels. To create a new label: On the iOS mobile client Navigate to the Labels view. Tap to the upper-right... More >
You can find the URL of a specific conversation. To do that, first select the conversation and then: On the web client, copy the URL from the web browser address bar. You can also click the link... More >
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