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As an administrator of a Circuit domain you can assign Space creation rights to a specific user. On the web client and Desktop App, click on your user name and then click Administration. Click the... More >
You can join an open Space instantly from the search results. Perform a search, as described in: Performing a search in Spaces. Select an open Space from the search results. The Space content is... More >
As a moderator or Space administrator you can disable a Space. When a Space is disabled, moderators can view all tabs but they cannot do any action in the News, Participants and Content tabs. They... More >
You can search for Spaces and messages with a certain tag in the following ways: Searching for Spaces and messages with a certain tag via the global Search box: Click the Spaces icon . Enter all or... More >
Select a Space and click the Content tab. All shared files are listed in chronological order. Click the search icon on the top of the tab. Start typing the name of the file. � As you type all files... More >
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