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The data of all users are retained in Circuit by default. You can request by Circuit Operations or Managed Services to set up data retention feature on your domain to retain these data for a... More >
As an administrator of a Circuit domain you can assign Space creation rights to a specific user. On the web client and Desktop App, click on your user name and then click Administration. Click the... More >
Space moderators can accept or decline requests to join a Space. Open the Space and navigate to Participants > Requests. All join requests are displayed. If you want to accept the join request,... More >
Each Space has an owner. By default the owner is the person who has created the Space. You can change this role in the Spaces that you moderate. Navigate to the Space Settings tab. Click on the... More >
You can edit or delete the welcome message in a Space that you moderate. Select the Space. Click Edit under the welcome message in the News tab. Edit the welcome message using the rich text editor.... More >
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