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You can search through all the Spaces to find the information that you need, including files, specific words and tags that are referenced in a Space. Click the Spaces icon . In the Search box... More >
Posting a new topic in a Space Replying to a topic in a Space Formatting a message in a Space Pinning a topic in a Space Liking a message in a Space Viewing or downloading files shared in a Space... More >
You can join an open Space instantly from the Spaces directory list. Click the Spaces icon and then click Spaces directory. A list with all the available Spaces is displayed. Select the open Space... More >
Labels provide a way to organize the conversation and Spaces you participate in so that you can group, filter and find them easily. Labels are visible only to you, so the labels you add to... More >
Adding a welcome message Editing or deleting the welcome message More >
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