Video Room System

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AAA Certificate Services AC RAIZ FNMT-RCM ACCVRAIZ1 Actalis Authentication Root CA AddTrust External CA Root AffirmTrust Commercial AffirmTrust Networking AffirmTrust Premium AffirmTrust Premium... More >
Before joining a conference from a video room system, you can make a test call to make sure everything is working properly. Open the email invitation containing the conference details and find the... More >
A video room system is a device or solution that allows people to attend a video conference from a meeting room. A video room system comprise of the following components: Video Endpoint Unit,... More >
In order for a video room system to join a Circuit conference, the following requirements must be met at a minimum: The video room system must support and be configured to use the following for... More >
You can join a conference from a video room system using the provided SIP URI and PIN. Prerequisites: Prior to the conference, it is recommended that you make a test call to make sure everything is... More >
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