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If you are "Online" or "Mobile - Online", you can make and receive calls. If you enable Snooze notifications or you start sharing your screen, which changes your presence status to "Do not... More >
There is an option to opt out of sharing your presence with other Circuit users. Prerequisites: By default, the first time you sign in to Circuit, you will be opted in. To opt out of sharing your... More >
When on a Circuit call, your presence is shown as to "Online" (Green) with the text "On a call" or "Mobile - On a call". More >
The Embrava Blynclight series display your availability, by using visual indication, for your colleagues based on your presence status with the following devices: Blynclight Standard Blynclight... More >
The Embrava integration allows you to inform your colleagues immediately when you're on a call, busy, online or offline, by using a visual indicator. Prerequisites: The Circuit domain administrator... More >
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