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Circuit automatically updates your presence status when you are online, on a call, away, offline or when you are sharing your screen. You are Online as soon as you sign in to the Circuit web client... More >
Yes. You may set an availability notification for a person who is currently “On a call” / “Mobile - On a call”, “Away”, “Offline” or on a “Do not disturb” mode, so that you get notified when this... More >
The following options are available for your presence status: When you are online and available to contact on the web client / Desktop App, your status is automatically set to Online. When: you are... More >
An Out of office status message appears automatically in Circuit after you turn on the "Out of Office" reply in Outlook, so that other people can see you are not in the office before they try to... More >
The presence or availability statuses in Circuit are described in the following table: Presence / Availability status Description Online The person is online and available to contact. Mobile -... More >
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