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Make the keyboard focus visible on your Circuit web client or Desktop App as follows: Click your user name and navigate to Settings > General. Locate the Accessibility area. Tick the Visual... More >
When the Circuit Desktop App starts, by default it is shown on the desktop. You can set the Circuit Desktop App to launch minimized to the taskbar and system tray, as follows: Sign in to the... More >
You can configure how the audio and video traffic is routed and how much local address information is exposed by changing the default WebRTC routing policy. Prerequisites: Before changing the... More >
To join an existing Circuit domain, you need to get an invitation email. Note: You cannot join an existing Circuit domain by clicking Sign up or Get free on the Circuit website ( More >
If you have mistakenly created a new Circuit domain for your company instead of joining an existing one, you can contact Circuit support ( and ask them to delete it. You... More >
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