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Select the conversation with the contact you are looking for, or search for a contact or group by entering the name into the Search field. If you have not started a conversation with the contact or... More >
When a call comes in on your mobile device, the incoming call screen shows up on your display and you will hear a ringtone. On iPhone and iPad mobile devices, the incoming call screen displays the... More >
When required, any participant in a conference (except the Guest users) can remove another participant from the call. In moderated conversations, only moderators are allowed to remove a... More >
Please refer to: Calling > Adding participants to a conference Calling > Adding participants to an active call in a direct conversation Calling > Adding participants to an active call in a group... More >
During an ongoing conference call, you can pin another participant's avatar or video, your video, a screen share or the whiteboard. You can pin up to four items, and a pinned view is created with... More >
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