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When a call comes in on your mobile device, the incoming call screen shows up on your display and you will hear a ringtone. On iPhone and iPad mobile devices, the incoming call screen displays the... More >
This functionality is currently not available. However, the ability to leave a voice or video message for another user will be available in a future release. More >
When you start or join a conference your microphone is automatically muted by default, unless otherwise configured by the administrator of the domain that the conference belongs to. This minimizes... More >
When required, any participant in a conference (except the Guest users) can remove another participant from the call. In moderated conversations, only moderators are allowed to remove a... More >
You can start a poll during a conference, so as to get the opinion of the participants on a specific topic. Prerequisites: You have to enable Conference poll feature in Circuit Labs. You cannot add... More >
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