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Mobile Breakout allows users to make voice calls from the Circuit web client directly through their mobile devices. This is useful for users who do not have a desk phone and use only a mobile... More >
With iOS 10 and SiriKit, you can make calls and send messages on Circuit using Siri and, thus, you are able to keep in touch with your team in hands-busy situations. To call a person using Circuit,... More >
With iOS 10, Apple introduced CallKit which allows integration into the native device calling features. This allows Circuit to provide an even better calling experience to iPhone users. When you... More >
This functionality is currently not available. However, the ability to leave a voice or video message for another user will be available in a future release. More >
Circuit users may invite you to join an event, so that you can participate in a voice, or screen sharing session. It is enough just to click on the link in the invitation mail and join the event at... More >
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