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In case you don't have a data connection, but you would like to participate in a conference call, you can still dial in to the conference using provided local dial-in number and PIN. To join a... More >
In Circuit when you have a direct call, you can add participants to the active call or you can add participants both to the conversation and to the call. Depending whether you want to add someone... More >
In Circuit, conferences are started from the group conversations or Conference Bridge. Prerequisites: Only invited users can join group conversations or Conference Bridge, must be added by... More >
Prerequisites: If you are participating in a Circuit conversation and other participants cannot hear you, then the problem is likely caused by the microphone device or the Windows settings. Check... More >
Please refer to I tried to make a call but I cannot hear the called party (Web client). If you experience sound quality issues, refer to How do I resolve issues with poor sound quality? To check... More >
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