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In Circuit, conferences are started from group conversations or Conference Bridge. Depending whether you want to add someone just to an ongoing conference call or to the conversation and the call,... More >
In Circuit, both video and screen sharing are possible during a call at the same time. This is only available on the Circuit web client and Desktop App. If video is active, simply start screen... More >
When sharing your whole screen, you can receive a remote control request from another participant. You can accept or decline it. If you allow remote control, the controller has mouse and keyboard... More >
This is done easily with 3 steps: Launch your PowerPoint presentation in presentation mode. Switch back to Circuit in Chrome (Alt + Tab). Start a conversation, select Screen Sharing and choose the... More >
You can zoom in and out on a screen share. Prerequisites: You are viewing the screen share via the Desktop App. You can zoom in and out on a screen share as follows: Click (Zoom in) to the... More >
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