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Circuit can perform a spell checking in your texts. Depending on the Circuit client you are using spell checking may differ. Web client: the spell checking of the browser applies and it is not... More >
You can add an attachment to a message with the following ways: Tap the paper clip icon below the message box to take a new camera shot or select a file from your local device. Drag and drop images... More >
You can zoom in and out on an image that you preview on Circuit application. Click on an image attached to a message to preview it. Click to zoom in on the image. Each time you click the zoom in... More >
With iOS 10 and SiriKit, you can send messages on Circuit using Siri, so you are able to keep in touch with your team in hands-busy situations. To send a message, bring up Siri on your iOS device.... More >
You can view the messages that you have flagged for follow up. To view all your flagged messages: Make sure the conversation selector lists all conversations you are actively participating in and... More >
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