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You can use the rich-text editor to apply special formatting to your message, including bold, italics, highlighting, bulleted lists, and numbered lists. The rich text editor is by default available... More >
Yes. Click or tap Flagged Messages in the conversation selector. Hover over the flagged message, and then click Show in conversation. You are taken to the location in the conversation where the... More >
You can find the URL of a particular message via the copy link button or the timestamp link associated with the post. To copy the URL of a message in the Web Client or the Desktop App, right click... More >
You can flag a message for follow up so that you can respond to it later. Locate the message that you want to flag for follow up, and click or tap . The flag icon becomes orange to indicate that... More >
When you return to a conversation that you had previously viewed, the system automatically takes you to the last location you were in the conversation. If there are new messages, New messages... More >
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