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You can bring color to your conversations by adding vibrant and expressive emojis and emoticons to your messages. You can use a unique set of standard emojis and emoticons to enhance your messages... More >
You can share files from your existing Syncplicity account with other Circuit users. The files would be accessible to the current members of a conversation via their shared link which expires after... More >
You can find the URL of a particular message via the copy link button or the timestamp link associated with the post. To copy the URL of a message in the Web Client or the Desktop App, right click... More >
You can include a hyperlink in your messages. Create a new message or edit an existing message. Type the hyperlink that you want to include in your message. As soon as the hyperlink is recognized... More >
Whenever someone mentions you, i.e. posts a message that contains @your_username, you will be notified via the Notification selector. Whenever there is a new message with the reference to your... More >
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