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Domain administrators can find the Deployment PIN and Security PIN required for configuration by navigating to Administration > Cloud telephony on their Circuit web client or Desktop App and then... More >
Tested model: Cisco CP-8861-3PCC. The phone has been tested with OpenScape Cloud with the following firmware: UC Software | BootROM Software The instructions provided below... More >
Hunt groups allow a group of people to answer incoming calls to a single phone number. If a member is busy or does not accept an incoming call, the call is automatically routed to another member of... More >
As a member of one or more hunt groups, you can easily make yourself available or unavailable to receive hunt group calls. You simply need to set your agent status to the appropriate value.... More >
Setting up OpenScape Cloud for a Circuit domain, requires your Circuit domain to provide the necessary configuration data. This should cover the following: Internet Telephony Service Providers that... More >
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