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You can delete a phone call from your call history if you want to do so for any reason. Prerequisites: OpenScape Cloud or a Circuit Telephony Connector is set up and enabled allowing you to make... More >
Supported model(s): OpenScape CP Desk Phone Device (SIP) family (recommended): CP100, CP200, CP205, CP400, CP600 and CP600E Desk Phone IP family (SIP): IP35G, IP55, IP35eco End of Life (EoL)... More >
Tested model(s): Mediatrix S7, C711 & 4102S. The Mediatrix units have been tested with OpenScape Cloud with the following firmware: Dgw The instructions provided below are likely valid... More >
Tested model(s): Gigaset DECT Series N670 IP PRO with the supported DECT handsets, e.g. SL750H PRO or R650H PRO Gigaset DECT Series N870 IP PRO with the supported DECT handsets, e.g. L750H PRO or... More >
Domain administrators can find the Deployment PIN and Security PIN required for configuration by navigating to Administration > Cloud telephony on their Circuit web client or Desktop App and then... More >
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