Circuit Meeting Room

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Circuit Meeting Room is a convenient and easy to operate videoconferencing solution for meeting rooms of various sizes and configurations. It is a hardware /software product and requires... More >
Before you begin using a Circuit Meeting Room for audio and video conferencing in a conference room, the Circuit Meeting Room should be setup. The administrator of the Circuit Meeting Room has to... More >
When a Circuit Meeting Room is added to a conference call, it can show any whiteboard shared by conference participants. All changes participants make on the whiteboard are shown to the Circuit... More >
You can add a Circuit Meeting Room to an ongoing conference call that is created in a Conference Bridge or from a group conversation. Prerequisites: You need to know the 4-digit PIN code that is... More >
If you are the person who added the Circuit Meeting Room to the ongoing conference call, you are able both to mute and to unmute the device: On the web client and Desktop App, hover over the avatar... More >
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