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OpenScape Cloud supports the configuration and use of executive-assistant groups to allow executives to streamline their calling processes with the support of assistants. Assistants control and... More >
In Circuit, you can share files with others in conversations. Domain administrators can disable file sharing for users in the domain if they don't want them to share any file types. The setting... More >
The Logitech headset integration allows you to control your Circuit calls from a range of Logitech headsets or external audio devices. On the web client and Desktop App, the integration is... More >
All Circuit Telephony Connectors provide support for the Remote Talk Event Package. This allows you to answer an incoming phone call that is ringing on your Circuit client from other call control... More >
You can take a picture from a screen share session. Prerequisites: You are in a call with an active screen share on focus view. Click on the bottom right of the screen share to take a picture.... More >
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