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During a conference call, the Circuit Meeting Room display can show any screen or whiteboard shared by conference participants. Whiteboard and screen share cannot be both displayed at the same... More >
You may allow users in your domain to change the default WebRTC routing policy. On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name, and then click Administration. Click on the Conferences tab... More >
When a pdf file is attached to a conversation, you have the option to preview the file without downloading it. Tap the pdf document which is attached in a conversation. On the Android mobile... More >
Executive-assistant groups allow executives to streamline their calling processes with the support of assistants. Assistant control and manage phone calls for their executives, providing their... More >
In Circuit, you can share your screen with others during calls. Domain administrators can disable screen sharing for users in the domain if this is required by company policy. After that, users in... More >
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