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In order to integrate your Microsoft Outlook (version 2010 or higher) with Circuit, a new application, called Circuit for Outlook, is available.

This application can only be installed on Windows operating system and you can download it from the Circuit web client (under Settings > Extensions).

Circuit for Outlook allows you to:

  • link your Outlook meeting to a new or existing Circuit conversation by adding Circuit conference details to an Outlook meeting request

  • move an email thread from Outlook to a Circuit conversation

  • use the Outlook Contact Card to click on your Outlook contacts and get to a conversation with them in Circuit.


    When installed, Circuit for Outlook overwrites any existing Outlook Contact Card integration. This happens because Outlook supports only one Instant Messaging (IM) provider at a time. For all of your contacts (and their related Contact Cards) you will be using Circuit to place a call or send messages via Circuit. Whenever you want you can replace the existing IM provider with the Contact Card. In case you do not want to use Circuit for Outlook Contact Card functionality, you can deactivate it under the Circuit tab (in Microsoft Outlook 2010 and higher, click File).

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