Using the Contact Card functionality

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In case you are using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or higher, you can use the Contact Card functionality available with Circuit for Outlook. This feature allows you to click on an Outlook contact and place a call or send messages via Circuit.

  • The Circuit account information is set up as described in Configuring Circuit for Outlook (

  • Circuit for Outlook has been successfully connected to Circuit (i.e. the option Successfully connected to Circuit is ticked).

  • You are logged on to Circuit web client using the same credentials as those provided when Configuring Circuit for Outlook .

Go to your Microsoft Outlook and open a person’s contact card from the person’s name or email address in the header of a message or from the Outlook contact list.
  1. To send messages in Circuit, either click the instant message button in the Quick Start tool bar (to right of the picture) or click the IM link (at bottom of the contact card).

    If there is no direct conversation with the selected contact, a new conversation will be created and you will continue writing your messages directly in the Circuit web client.

  2. To start an audio call in Circuit, click the audio call button.

    A new audio call will be initiated in your Circuit web client.


    In case you are logged on to Circuit web client with Firefox, after clicking on the Contact Card to initiate a call, you have to click on the Firefox window in order to bring it in focus and complete the call. This is Firefox specific behavior (Internet Explorer and Chrome do not require this step).

  3. To start a phone call in Circuit using the Circuit Telephony Connector, either click the audio call button to call the person at their work number, or click the drop-down arrow next to the call button to select a different phone number.

    A new phone call will be initiated in your Circuit web client.

  4. To start a video call, click the video call button in the Quick Start tool bar.

    A new video call will be initiated in your Circuit web client.

Unless the user un-ticks the default setting Enable Contact Card Integration under Options during the Circuit for Outlook Setup, Circuit for Outlook overwrites any existing Outlook Contact Card integration (like Lync or Skype for Business). This happens because Outlook supports only one Instant Messaging (IM) provider at a time. For all of your contacts (and their related Contact Cards) you will be using Circuit to place a call or send messages via Circuit. Whenever you want you can replace the existing IM provider with the Contact Card. In case you do not want to use Circuit for Outlook Contact Card functionality, you can deactivate it under the Circuit tab (click File).

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