Name resolution of phone numbers in Circuit clients

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In order to improve usability, Circuit searches for users or contacts by their phone number and attempts to add naming information to them. This action is referred here as name resolution.

A phone number can be resolved to a name only if it is associated with only one user. It is required that:

  • Phone numbers of Circuit users contain '+' followed by the country code. For example, +441234567890.
  • Phone numbers in Circuit are unique across all users. Shared phone numbers cannot be resolved by Circuit.
  • The PBX connected to Circuit (OSV, OSBiz, OS4000...) must be configured to send Fully Qualified Numbers to Circuit.

Any name resolution attempt is done first on Circuit users on the Circuit server. If the server can't resolve the number, Circuit will attempt to resolve the name through external services. If 2 (or more) external services are connected and they both resolve to a name, there is no specific priority which name will be used.

Name resolution of Circuit users

When resolving a phone number displayed on a client, Circuit searches the phone numbers of all Circuit users that belong to the same domain.

Note: Only phone numbers configured in the user profiles are used on the name resolution.

Name resolution of non-Circuit users

By default, Circuit can only resolve phone numbers that belong to Circuit users. If you need to resolve names of non-Circuit users, you must integrate with external services. The following external services are supported for name resolution:

MS Exchange
Name resolution in MS Exchange is limited to Personal Contacts. After connecting to MS Exchange for the first time, it might take 10 minutes for the name resolution to work.
Google Contacts
Circuit clients can resolve Google Contacts and just like with MS Exchange Contacts, when first connected, it might take up to 10 minutes for the name resolution to work.
Local Contact Lists in mobile clients
The only external service available for Circuit Mobile clients is their own local contact list. This is automatically enabled once the user gives the Circuit App permission to access the contact list.

Persistence of resolved phone numbers in the Call History

If Call History items are resolved to Circuit users, this information is saved on the server and is persistent across clients and client sessions (sign ins / sign outs).

If a Call History item could not be resolved to a Circuit user, the clients will attempt to resolve it through the external services. However, this information is not persistent. This means that different clients may display the same Call History items differently, depending on which external service was used to resolve them.

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