Synchronize automatically the voicemail and conference dial-in number settings to OpenScape SBC

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Voicemail and conference dial-in numbers configured in Circuit for a telephony connector, can be automatically configured on the OpenScape Session Border Controller (OpenScape SBC). Each telephony connector can be configured to synchronize these numbers automatically to OpenScape SBC, without the need of a manual configuration in OpenScape SBC.


This feature is currently available when the Telephony Connector works with the OpenScape SBC version V9 R3.26.1 or higher.

To set the telephony connector to synchronize the voicemail and conference dial-in numbers to OpenScape SBC, perform the following steps:
  1. On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name, and then click Administration.
  2. Click the Telephony tab. All Circuit Telephony Connectors that have been previously configured for your domain, either single or in pools, are listed in a table.
  3. Select the telephony connector that is associated with the voicemail and conference dial-in numbers you want to synchronize to OpenScape SBC.
  4. To enable the automatic synchronization, switch the Synchronize settings to SBC slider to ON.

    This option is disabled by default.

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