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If you want a user in your domain to make and receive phone calls through Circuit, via your voice platform, you must assign a Telephony Connector to that user.

The Advanced Telephony Connector (ATC) provides a richer set of features in comparison with the Universal Telephony Connectors. This functionality requires an additional interface to the PBX which is only supported on the Unify PBXs, OpenScape Voice and OpenScape 4000.

  1. On the web client, click your user name, and then click Administration.
  2. Click the Users tab.
  3. Select the user to whom you want to assign an ATC.

    A Manage user screen will be displayed.

  4. Fill in the following ATC related information:
    1. From the Connector drop-down select the correct ATC.

      In case of an OpenScape 4000, it is important to select the correct ATC that has direct connection to the SoftGates vHG 3500, where users need to be registered. Otherwise, the registration will fail and users will not be able to get requested telephony features. If users have to be registered at different SoftGates or different vHG 3500 of the same SoftGate, then multiple virtual ATC configurations are feasible on one SBC appliance or Virtual Machine.

    2. Fill in the Phone number.

      For the ATC, the user’s Phone number and the caller ID is the same as the ONS number on the user’s business card.


Detailed instructions on how to configure a SIP trunk for a specific Unify voice platform, can be found in the corresponding Administrator documentation on E-Doku.

For more information regarding bulk creation of the ATC users, please refer to ATC users administration: importing users via CSV file.

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