Configuring the Conference dial-in numbers

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A domain administrator, that has enabled the Circuit Telephony Connector(s), has the opportunity to configure one or more dial-in numbers and allow users to attend Circuit conferences via the Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN). In this way the company's VoIP infrastructure can be used to reduce the call charges.

There are two types of conference dial-in numbers:

  1. System conference numbers

    System conference numbers are pre-defined dial-in numbers. Domain administrators can select the dial-in numbers they want to use in their domain.

    Note: According to the launch in Brazil and based on ANATEL rules that regulate commercial business relations between service providers and consumers, Unify cannot provide system conference numbers in Brazil. This must be provided by the customer who is responsible to contract this directly from a Service Provider.
  2. Custom conference numbers

    Custom conference numbers are additional numbers that can be created for a domain.

Smaller companies (that use hUTC) might be especially interested in the system conference numbers provided by Unify (if it is available in their country), since this allows them to save capacity on their local PBX and their Internet Service Provider connection.


Despite the local dial-in via SIP trunk to pUTC, all the traffic for conferences including all media traffic goes to the Circuit Cloud Media nodes.

Configurable dial-in numbers bring the following features and advantages:

  • free of charge calls from customer PBX network (for internal calls)

  • local dial-in (for your colleagues and external partners)

  • custom bridge numbers can be easily communicated to the participants of a conference.

To configure the Conference dial-in numbers perform the following steps:

  1. On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name and then click Administration.
  2. Click the Conferences tab.

    You can choose to utilize the System conference numbers or to use Custom conference numbers and configure additional dial-in numbers.

  3. Navigate to the System conference numbers area to select and use the default dial-in numbers for the conferences in your domain.
  4. Navigate to Custom conference numbers area to configure additional dial-in numbers for the conferences in your domain.
    1. Click Add conference number and provide the following information:
      1. Name - the name of the custom conference number

      2. Country - from the drop-down list select the country that corresponds to the custom conference number.

      3. Language - from the drop-down list select one of the available languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian or Chinese.

      4. Type - from the drop-down list select one of the available types: Toll, Toll free or Local.

      5. Number - it is recommended to have this number in E.164 format, but any other format forwarded by PBX should be also accepted since there is no number normalization.

    2. Click Add.

      The new dial-in number will be added.

      The conference URL and PIN are displayed in the Circuit web, desktop and mobile clients, so that users can dial in to Circuit conferences using provided global or local dial-in numbers in combination with a PIN.


A change of local dial-in number is not advertised dynamically to the users of pre-existing conversations.

Custom conference numbers configured in Circuit can be automatically configured on the OpenScape Session Border Controller (OpenScape SBC) as well, if the version of the OpenScape SBC used is V9 R3.26.1 or later. For more information, please refer to: Synchronize automatically the voicemail and conference dial-in number settings to OpenScape SBC.

If an earlier version of the OpenScape SBC is used, custom dial-in numbers must be manually configured on the OpenScape SBC.

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