UTC users administration: assigning a Circuit phone number and Caller ID to a user

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Once the Universal Telephony Connector is configured and active, you can assign a Circuit phone number to a user in your domain so that they are able to receive incoming phone calls through Circuit, via the voice platform.


To display a Caller ID rather than the user's phone number during an outgoing call, you can assign a Caller ID to the user. This is typically used to allow people calling back a certain Circuit user on their office number, while a different number is used for receiving calls in Circuit from the voice platform.

  1. On the web client, click your user name, and then click Administration.
  2. Click the Users tab.
  3. Select the user to whom you want to assign a Circuit phone number or caller ID.
  4. In the Phone number box, type the phone number that you want to assign to the user. There might be a slight delay before the phone number is functional.

    It is recommended to have the Phone number in E.164 format. Any other format forwarded by PBX should be also accepted because there is no number normalization.

  5. In the Caller ID box, type the caller ID that you want to assign to the user. The Caller ID will be displayed rather than the user’s phone number during all outgoing calls and takes precedence over the default Caller ID (if configured).

    For the ATC, the Phone number and the caller ID is the same as the ONS number on the users business card.

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