Creating a new Community

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Community is an open conversation that anyone in your domain can join without having to be added (as opposed to the group conversations). You can create your own Community where participants send messages and share files.

  1. To create a new Community, click or tap Communities in the conversation selector and then click or tap Create.

    Currently it is not possible to create Communities on the Android mobile client. You may however create a new Community on any other client and participate in that Community via the Android mobile client.

  2. Type a title and a description of your Community.
  3. Type the names or email addresses of the people that you want to invite to your Community or select their names from the list of recent contacts.

    In the list of recent contacts, a green circle is shown around a person’s avatar to indicate that the person is Online/ Mobile - Online; a red circle indicates that the person is On a call/ Mobile - On a call or on Do not disturb mode; an orange circle indicates that the person is Away.

    As you type in a person’s name, a list of suggested names is displayed to select from.

    On the web client and Desktop App, you can, also, copy and paste a list of email addresses separated by space, comma, semicolon, tab, or new line, into the Add participant field. If an email address does not match any account, it will be marked in red so that you know it should be corrected or the person cannot be added to the conversation.

  4. Click or tap Start.

A new Community is created.

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