Starting a direct conversation

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A direct conversation is a conversation with only two participants, i.e. you and one more participant.

  1. Click or tap the green plus icon () and
    1. on the web client and Desktop App select Direct
    2. on the iOS mobile client select New direct conversation ()
    3. on the Android mobile select New direct conversation ()

      To start a new direct conversation click or tap on a user’s avatar (for example, in the conversation feed) and then click or tap Start a conversation.

      If you add a third person to an existing direct conversation, a new group conversation will be created. This ensures that your original conversation remains private and cannot be viewed by anyone else.

  2. Type the name or email address of the person that you want to start a conversation with or select their names from the list of recent contacts.

    In the list of recent contacts, a green circle is shown around a person’s avatar to indicate that the person is Online/ Mobile - Online; a red circle indicates that the person is On a call/ Mobile - On a call or on Do not disturb mode; an orange circle indicates that the person is Away.

    As you type in a person’s name, a list of suggested names is displayed to select from.

  3. Click or tap Start on the web client, Desktop App and iOS mobile client, or tap on the Android mobile client.

Once you start a conversation with another person, all your communication (calls, video calls, messages) with that person is maintained in a single conversation feed and only you and that person can viewed it.

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