Creating an event

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An Event is a Circuit conference that supports up to 1000 participants. number of possible participants depends on your assigned Circuit subscription. The participants can be moderators or guests.

Moderators can use the features of the event to coordinate the conference and the audience.


Events must be enabled for your Circuit domain.

  1. Click or tap the green plus icon () and select Event.
  2. Type a title for the event.
  3. Type the names or email addresses of two or more people that you want to add in the event or select their names from the list of recent contacts.

    In the list of recent contacts, a green circle is shown around a person’s avatar to indicate that the person is Online/ Mobile - Online; a red circle indicates that the person is On a call/ Mobile - On a call or on Do not disturb mode; an orange circle indicates that the person is Away.

    As you type in a person’s name, a list of suggested names is displayed to select from.

    You can, also, copy and paste a list of email addresses separated by space, comma, semicolon, tab, or new line, into the Add moderators and speakers field. If an email address does not match any account, it will be marked in red so that you know it should be corrected or the person cannot be added to the conversation.

  4. Type, optionally, a description for the event.
  5. Click , to create the event.

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