Deleting a participant from a group conversation or Conference Bridge

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You can delete a participant who is added by mistake in your group conversation. When you delete a participant, they can no longer view the conversation in the conversation list, or view any of the conversation history. When you delete a participant, their posts and any files shared in the conversation are not deleted and remain visible for other participants of the conversation. You can also delete yourself from a conversation, unless you are the last person from your domain participating in the conversation. In that case you cannot delete yourself.To rejoin the conversation, the person must be added by another participant of that conversation.

  1. Select the group conversation from which you want to delete a participant or yourself, and then follow the steps below:

    On the web client and Desktop App

    • Navigate to the conversation Details tab, select Participants.

    • Select the drop-down arrow adjacent to the name of the participant you want to delete and click Delete.

    • When the system prompts you to confirm that you want to delete the participant, click Yes.

    A system message is automatically posted to the conversation, to inform other participants about the deletion. A notification message, located at the notification selector, informs the deleted person about the person who made the delete action and gives the chance to click the message and start a direct conversation with the specific person.


    Although you can delete a participant using only the web client or the Desktop App, the deleted person will also be notified in mobile clients.

  2. To add the participant back into a group conversation, follow the steps below:
    • On the web client and Desktop App, click on the conversation header, enter the name of the person or select their name from the Suggestions list, and click Add.

      A system message is automatically posted to the conversation to inform about the new participant.

    Once added back into the group conversation or Conference Bridge, the person can view the entire conversation history, including all updates that occurred between the time they were deleted and the time they rejoined, and all conversation details.

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