How can I pin a topic?

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You can pin an important topic in a conversation. Pinned topics are displayed in the conversation information pane and can be viewed by all the participants of the conversation.

  1. Select a conversation and then click at the top right of the conversation view.
    Topics of the conversation that have a title are displayed.
    Tip: Topics without a title are not shown thus you cannot pin them.
  2. Locate the topic you want to pin and click .

    The pin icon becomes orange to indicate that the topic has been pinned.

    You can pin up to 10 topics in a conversation that you participate. Any participant can pin a topic for the conversation. In moderated conversations, only moderators can pin topics.

  3. To unpin a pinned topic, click the pin icon one more time.

    Alternatively, navigate to > Pinned topics, hover over the preferred topic and click Unpin.

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