How to view the topic list in a conversation

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You can view all the topics of a conversation grouped in a list. To do that perform the following steps:
  1. On the web client, Desktop App and mobile clients, select a conversation and, then, click or tap at the top right of the conversation view.

    The topics of the conversation are displayed in chronological order form the most recent topic to the oldest. The most recent event is displayed at the top of the conversation view.

  2. You can click or tap on each topic to focus on it. Once you click on it you will view only that topic with it’s replies, if any.

    To navigate back to the topic list click .

Each topic includes the name of the user who last answered in the topic, the date and the timestamp.

If the topic has no other replies, then, only the topic title is displayed in the topic list view.

If a topic does not have a title then it is not included in the topic list.

On web client and Desktop App you have the option to flag each topic.

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