Call summary post in a conversation

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When a call starts, a new topic is automatically posted to the conversation providing summary information about the call. The information includes:

  • The title of the conversation, if any.

  • A timer that shows the call duration.

  • In case of group conversations, the list of participants who have already joined the call.

You can write comments or add files under the call symmary post. You can also like or flag the call summary post.

When the calls ends, the call summary post is updated to include the following information:

  • The title of the conversation, if any.

  • The hour the call started.

  • The duration of the call.

  • The number of call participants and their names.

    If you have disabled Show name, your name will not be displayed in the list of the participants at the end of the call. You will be characterized as anonymous participant instead.

    In case there are any participants that have disabled Show name, when the call ends, the call summary will include the number of anonymous call participants.

  • The recording of the call, if the call was recorded.

  • The attachment of the Whiteboard, if a board started during the call, in a png format.

You can easily remove specific attachments from the call summary post, if needed.

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