Collapse or expand the pane on the left (web client and Desktop App)

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When you open Circuit, the pane on the left which includes the notifications, conversations, favorites and meetings selectors, is expanded by default, displaying the conversation selector. You can easily expand and collapse each selector at any moment, for example when you are sharing your screen and you do not want other participants to see your conversations.

  1. To collapse the pane on the left, click on the icon of the active selector. While in:
    1. the conversation selector, click the conversation icon in the pane on the left.
    2. the notifications selector, click the notifications icon in the pane on the left.
    3. the favorites selector, click the favorites icon in the pane on the left
    4. the meetings selector, click the meetings icon in the pane on the left
  2. To expand the pane on the left click on any of the notifications, conversations, favorites or meetings icons.

The conversation icon appears with a green dot, i.e. , once a new message arrives in a conversation that is not currently visible.

When the selector is collapsed and you are in an active call, the call will be displayed in the header of Circuit application.

When the selector is collapsed, you will receive only desktop notifications for an incoming call.

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