Adding a welcome message

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You can customize the look and feel of your Space by adding a welcome message in the Spaces that you moderate. Welcome messages have all the rich text and media capabilities that topics have.

  1. Select the Space that you want to add a welcome message.
  2. Click Add welcome message in the News tab.
  3. Create your welcome message using the rich text editor.
  4. If you want all Space participants to view the welcome message, select the Visible to all check box. If this option is not selected, only moderators can view the welcome message.
  5. Click Save.


The welcome message can only be added, edited or deleted by the moderators of the Space.


The welcome box has a fixed maximum height to be displayed in the News tab. If you create a welcome box which exceeds this height, users will view a Show more option, which will open the full welcome box in a separate window.

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