Team calls

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As a member of a team, you can answer a call ringing another member of the team, using Circuit.
  • You are a member of a team.

  • Phone call notifications are currently supported with Advanced Telephony Connector and OpenScape Voice.

  1. When a Circuit or phone call is ringing another member of the team, you will be alerted on your client.

    Apart from the name or number of the calling party, you will see information about the ringing member displayed so that you distinguish team calls from calls directed to you.

    1. To pick up the call, click .

      The call will stop ringing on the person that the call was originally intented and the call notification will stop on the other team members.

      Once you pick up the call, you can move it between your Circuit clients, like any other normal call.

    2. To ignore the call, click .

      You will be no longer alerted and you will not be able to pick up that call.

  2. If you picked up a call and you want to end it, click , like any other normal call. The Circuit call will apprear in a direct conversation between you and the calling party. The Circuit call will also appear to the member that the call was originally intended in a direct conversation with the calling party.

    The phone call will appear in your call log. The call log entry will include information about the calling party and that this was a redirected call.

    The originally called person will see in their call log that the call has been redirected.

    Note: Team members that do not have a work number assigned to their Circuit account, in case of a phone call, they will not get a notification of the call.

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