How to start a group conversation using the Circuit Gmail Add-on

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You may start a Circuit group conversation through Circuit Gmail Add-on with all the Circuit users of the email participants. To do that perform the following steps:

  1. Select an email from which you want to start a Circuit conversation and click on the Circuit icon.

    All the email participants are listed in the add-on. The presence status of each Circuit user is also available next to the user name.

  2. The title of the conversation is filled in automatically with the title of the email thread. You may change it, if you want.
  3. Set the following conversation options:
    1. Moderated conversation: Disable this option, if you do not want the conversation to be moderated. If you enable it, you will become a moderator of the conversation.
    2. Guess access: Enable this option, if you want to allow phone dial-in and guest access to conference stated form this conversation.
  4. If you do not want to include an email participant in the conversation you may turn off the slider next to the user name.
  5. Click Create Conversation to start a new conversation in Circuit.

A new conversation is created in Circuit including all the email participants who have a Circuit account. An email is sent to all email participants with the link of the Circuit conversation.

Once you have created a conversation you may click View Conversation and you will be redirected in Circuit.

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