How to install Circuit Gmail Add-on

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  • Your Gmail and your Circuit email address must be the same.

  • The Circuit domain administrator has to enable the Circuit Gmail Add-on through the Manage applications > Apps tab before you can use it.

You can install the Circuit Gmail Add-on from the G Suite Marketplace or by following the steps below:

  1. Open your inbox at
  2. Click the plus (+) button in the side panel.
  3. Search for the Circuit Gmail Add-on in the Marketplace.
  4. Click Circuit for Gmail and then click Install.

    Once the Circuit Gmail Add-on is installed in your account the Circuit icon will be displayed in the side panel of the Gmail main view.

  5. Select an email, click the Circuit icon and, then, click Authorize access to give permissions to Circuit Add-on to connect with your Gmail account.
  6. Click Select a system to connect.
  7. Select one of the available systems and click Connect.
  8. Enter your Circuit credentials and allow access to your Circuit account.

Your Circuit credentials will be saved automatically. You will be asked to for your password again, if you sign out or change the password.

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