How can I improve the accuracy of my location information?

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A number of data sources are used to determine your location, including information from the network and the device that you are using.

To protect your privacy, we only show your approximate location (city or town) rather than your exact location. If your approximate location cannot be determined, then your location information is not displayed.

To improve the accuracy of your location information, you can do the following:

  • Enable your wireless network - The location of many Wi-Fi access points is known. We can leverage this information to better determine your location. This is particularly useful for desktop and laptop computers, which typically don't have GPS services. You don't need to be connected to the Internet using Wi-Fi. You simply need to enable Wi-Fi on your device.

  • Disconnect from the VPN - Your location is determined based on your IP address. Since VPN services often route traffic through a central hub, the information that we get from the network about your location might not be accurate enough to be displayed.

  • Leave the office - As with VPN services, corporate networks often route Internet traffic through a central proxy. The IP address that is retrieved is often the proxy rather than your actual IP address. In most cases, we can detect this and won’t display your location.

  • Use your mobile device - Mobile devices have many features that allow them to determine location. Ensure that your location services are enabled so that we can use this information.

If you don’t want your location to be shared with others, you can simply turn this option off in the settings.



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