Why are push notifications not working for my Circuit Android app?

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Certain Android devices may have problems receiving push notifications when the Circuit App is closed. This problem is not universal and depends on the device you are using.

Performing a Force Stop on the application (App Settings > Force Stop), terminates the application and all system services that have been associated to that application, including the service responsible for Push Notifications. If this is ever done then you will stop receiving notification and will have to open the application again.

Removing the application from the Recent Applications list should not stop all processes but we have found that for some devices this does happen. As with the force stop if you find this happening then try not to remove the application from the recents carousel. Some devices do have an auto-start option that can be used to stop this happening (see below)

If you are still seeing issues with getting notifications you may need to set your device to auto-start the Circuit App. The instructions here are examples from some devices. The exact steps may differ, depending on your device model. In such a case, we recommend that you check the documentation of your device and/or ask the manufacturer if any questions remain.


Open System settings, then tap Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected apps. Switch the Circuit slider to ON, to keep it running after the screen is turned off.


Open Settings and select Power Manager, then Background app management. Enable Allow auto-start for the Circuit App.


Open Settings and tap Apps, the gear icon, and then Apps Auto-launch. Find Circuit and enable it to auto-launch.


Open Security Center and select Privacy Permissions > Startup Manager. Allow Circuit App to start in the background.


If you are using the Circuit App on a Samsung device, you need to take a few steps:
  • Open Settings, then tap Apps, then the three dots in the upper right corner. Tap Special Access > Optimize battery usage. Tap on the drop-down menu that says Apps not optimized, switch it to all apps, and then switch off battery optimization for the Circuit App.

  • On Settings > Battery disable battery optimization for the Circuit App, and check to make sure the Restrict background data setting is disabled.


Open i Manager, tap App Manager, then AutoStart manager, and allow Circuit App to auto-start in the background.


Open Settings and select Permissions > AutoStart. Make sure Circuit is enabled.

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