Why do I see a notification for "network quality issues" while on a call?

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The notification for "network quality issues" appears when the quality and performance of your network connection can adversely impact the quality of your call.

While you are on a call, Circuit collects call quality metrics every 5 seconds. A call quality indicator () is displayed at the top right view of the call stage.

A notification pops up when one or more metrics exceed their threshold 3 consecutive times. The call quality metrics collected and their specified threshold are shown in the following table

Call quality metric Threshold
Jitter 50ms
Network round-trip time (RTT) 300ms
Send and receive packet lost 5% of the packets that are lost

Please refer to "How do I resolve connectivity issues" for suggestions about what you can do to improve your network and call quality.

The call quality indicator statistics can by useful for the IT department to diagnose the problem. For more information, refer to Call quality indicator analysis.

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