Searching for a labeled conversation

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You can search for conversations with a particular label in the following two ways:

  1. Searching for a label’s name in the global Search input field:
    1. Enter all or part of a label name into the Search box.

      As you type in, a list of suggested search scope options appears below the search input field. Labels that match the search term you have entered (if any) are displayed under the Labels scope option.

    2. Select the label you are searching for.
  2. Selecting a label in the Labels view:
    1. Navigate to Settings > Labels.

      All the labels you have previously setup are displayed in alphabetical order.

    2. Click on the name of a label.

      The Search box is automatically filled-in with the value: Label: <label name> and a search by label is performed.


    This way of searching for conversations with a particular label is only available on the Circuit web client and Desktop App.

The conversation pane is updated to show only conversations with the selected label. Select the conversation you would like to look into.

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