How can I translate my conversations in Circuit (Web Client)?

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While Circuit does not offer a translation service itself, Google Chrome can identify and translate the text displayed on the web page into the default language that Chrome is set to. To see how to translate a page to your preferred language, refer to

  1. To translate the text in a conversation into a preferred target language:
    1. Right-click on the text in the conversation and select Translate to ... (where ... stands for the browser language automatically detected by Chrome). If your preferred target language is not offered in the context menu, restart Chrome.


    2. Click the  Translate icon in the Chrome address bar and select Options.
  2. If you enable the Always translate checkbox, the conversation text will always be automatically displayed in your preferred target language.

    While the translation of the web service is not 100% accurate, it’s probably good enough to break down language barriers you may encounter working in a global business.


    For performing the translation your conversation content is transferred to a Google server. Do not use this service if this poses a security or data confidentiality issue with your company.

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