Displaying your location information (web client and Desktop App)

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You can show your location (city and region) to other Circuit users or choose to not display this information for privacy reasons.

  1. In the upper-right corner of the header, select the arrow beside your name, and then click Settings.
  2. In the Settings view, go to General > Privacy.

    To make your location information visible to other users, enable Show my city and region by ticking the check box.

    The preview pane in the lower part of the dialog box shows how your data is displayed to others.

  3. Changes are saved automatically by closing the dialog box. To close the dialog box, click the X button in the upper-right corner.

Your approximate location is only displayed when it can be determined by Circuit.

If you sign in to Circuit on more than one client and only one Circuit client determines your location, then all clients will display this location. In case where the web client and a mobile client determines your location at the same time, the location determined by the mobile client is the one displayed.

If your location can only be determined based on IP address then it is not displayed as this could be the location of your ISP rather than your location.

If you enable the Wi-Fi connection on your PC/device this can often help getting a more accurate location result. For information on how to improve the accuracy of your location, see How can I improve the accuracy of my location information?.


The location is not displayed when you are using the Desktop App, a Remote Desktop connection, VMWare or Citrix Thin Clients, unless you are signed in, at the same time, on a Circuit client that can determine your location.

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