Starting a video call

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  1. Select the conversation with the contact you are looking for, or search for a contact or group by entering the name into the Search field. If you have not started a conversation with the contact or contacts you want to have a video call with, follow the steps as described in Starting a conversation or Starting a group conversation.
  2. Click or tap .

    The screen changes, displaying the outgoing call status, and you’ll hear ringing until the called party answers or declines the call, or until your device signals that the called party is busy or unavailable.

    If you placed the video call via the web client and you cannot hear and see the other person or they cannot see or hear you, make sure your Chrome browser’s media settings are configured to allow Circuit to access your camera and microphone, as described in Testing my camera and microphone.

  3. If the called person answers, the screen changes again, displaying the active call.
  4. To end the call, click or tap .

Other useful things you can do while on a call

  • Joining or leaving a conference
  • Starting a conversation
  • Starting a group conversation

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